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Violence Against Women

Violence against women continues to be an unaddressed and significant issue across the country and here in Tasmania, for all women.

For Aboriginal Women in Tasmania, the perpetrated violence is more severe and disproportionate.

Aboriginal women are 11 times more likely to lose their lives to assault than non-Aboriginal Women, and three in five Aboriginal women experience violence by a male intimate partner.

BSP Program

TALS Bail Support Program pilot

On the 25th January 2024 the Tasmanian Aboriginal Legal Service launched its Bail Support program pilot.

Bridgewater Youth Hub

Bridgewater Youth Hub

The Tasmanian Aboriginal Legal service (TALS) is working in collaboration with the Brighton Council and Australian Red Cross - Tasmania to create a youth hub in Bridgewater.

Child detention

Draft Youth Justice Blueprint

TALS calls on the State Government to release actions plans and implement a transparent consultation process