Strategic Plan

Our vision

Achieving true justice, dignity, fairness and respect for all Tasmania's First Peoples

Our purpose

TALS empowers Aboriginal Tasmanians by providing culturally appropriate, quality legal services, and leading advocacy for justice reform

Our challenge

We have set a strong, courageous challenge to drive our work over the next ten years:

To halve Aboriginal Tasmanians’ rate of negative contact with the justice system in a decade.

We acknowledge up front that meeting this target requires strong collaboration and commitment across multiple organisations and our community, and we make no apologies for setting an ambitious long-term challenge.

This challenge will underpin our dialogue and outward facing communication about what really drives our organisation, including with potential new partners and funding organisations.

Our strategic goals

  • Establish a strongly governed, future focussed Aboriginal community organisation
  • Empower Aboriginal communities – become the leading advocate for our people
  • Deliver an innovative, professional, high quality legal service
  • Realise the potential of our workforce and embed our organisational values into the workplace culture
  • Successfully transition the organisation back to Aboriginal Tasmanian ownership