Bridgewater Youth Hub

Friday 02 February, 2024

The Tasmanian Aboriginal Legal service (TALS) is working in collaboration with the Brighton Council and Australian Red Cross - Tasmania to create a youth hub in Bridgewater, designed as a wraparound support and to steer those aged from 12 to 25 away from the justice system.

TALS CEO Jake Smith said “In Bridgewater, the Aboriginal population represents more than 20 per cent of the community, compared to the Tasmanian population of 5 per cent. If money is invested here, to prevent and divert youth away from the justice system, our youth will be less likely to end up in detention or prison.

The vision for the youth hub is to be a place-based solution, rather than a ‘cookie cutter’ approach through engaging with the community as the main stakeholder and most importantly young members of the community.

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TALS has appointed Palawa man Jake Smith as its new CEO.