Our Board

The TALS Board is guided by TALS' vision and purpose, its values, and strategic goals. Its core role is to govern and oversee the management of TALS, ensuring the organisation can deliver on its vision, purpose, and strategic goals for the benefit of TALS, its clients, employees, members and Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people living in Tasmania.


  • Chair - John Clark
  • Directors - Dianne Baldock, Daniel Hall, Nick Cameron, Debbie Cowen
  • Independent, specialist non-member - David Ware

Board eligibility

In accordance with the TALS rule book, 5 (out of 7) directors must be a Board or Committee member of a TRACA organisation, or a member of a TRACA organisation who has been nominated by a member to be a TALS director.

TRACA is the Tasmanian Regional Aboriginal Communities Alliance. It was developed to provide a mechanism to engage and advise Government at all levels in regard to affairs affecting Aboriginal Tasmanians.


The TALS Board may appoint up to 2 independent, specialist members to support the Board in financial management, corporate governance, legal services.

Current Board vacancy

We currently have a vacancy on the TALS Board for an experienced director with financial management expertise (and CPA/CA qualified)

If you are interested, please contact us at tals@tals.net.au