TALS Statement on the Voice

Monday 31 July, 2023

The Board of the Tasmanian Aboriginal Legal Service support and advocate in favour of constitutional recognition of Aboriginal Australians, as the first peoples of these lands, seas skies and waterways.

The Board supports the constitutional protection of the proposed Voice. The TALS Board acknowledge that ensuring that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have a right to participate in decision making that affects them is fundamental to achieving better outcomes.

The Tasmanian Aboriginal Legal Service is committed to providing information and education about what a Referendum is, and what the Voice means so that all community members can make an informed decision when it comes to the vote later in the year.

This is a unifying opportunity, and we respect diversity of opinion and note everyone has an individual democratic right to vote however they wish.

At the Tasmanian Aboriginal Legal Service, we will strive to ensure that those opinions are based on fact, and that our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander colleagues, friends and allies are respected and supported through these reforms.

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